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36 Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV (Low Cost Or Free)

I love watching a good TV show after a long day to shut off my brain. But I hate myself at times when I actually do that every day. Some people come home and immediately turn on the telly but when I think about it, it’s just really bad. We always claim we wouldn’t have enough time to learn new skills, working out or anything really. But the truth is we just get caught up in our habit to get home, eat dinner and watch the latest episodes of a show we don’t even like that much – just for the sake of watching TV. I often overhear people asking what TV show they should start next after the 24th they’ve finished. And to be honest that could be me, too. Netflix is great and I am quite upset that the last season of Suits is not on Netflix and I am eagerly waiting for Stranger Things’ Season 2. However, there are many other things to do after work. Turning on the TV is not the only or best thing to do at all. Just think about it – what you could be capable of if you spent the days you’ve watched TV actually doing something. Well, I did think about it and encouraged myself to use the days that I have. I did a lot of reading on various topics, though sometimes I end up on these weird, dark places on the internet but I keep reading to learn more about the world on other peoples thoughts and political opinions. Learning for Learning’s sake.
Recently I bought some knitting needles and wool and I’ve just finished my first selfmade scarf! I learned another skill and it cost me £8.
Below I listed several things to do instead of watching TV. All these activities are low cost or free and almost all of them can be done alone – no excuses ;-)!

  1. Call a friend
  2. Visit  the library
  3. Take an online course
  4. Go for a run
  5. Learn to knit / start a new knitting project
  6. Write a blog post / start a blog
  7. Gather old magazines and create a photo collage
  8. Sign up for mystery shopping and do it
  9. Go outside for a walk
  10. Put on a face mask or a hair treatment
  11. Paint your nails
  12. Read a book/magazine
  13. Cook a meal
  14. Bake a cake
  15. Hit the gym
  16. Roller skate
  17. Do a puzzle
  18. Make a dream catcher
  19. Become an expert in a topic that interests you
  20. Learn how to juggle
  21. Learn to braid your hair, try new hairstyles
  22. Get rid of old clothes and sell them online / give them to charity
  23. Start a scrap-book
  24. Redecorate your room / Rearrange your furniture
  25. Write a letter
  26. Draw or paint something
  27. Play scrabble with your friend/partner
  28. Practice shooting hoops at your neighbourhood playground (get a basketball)
  29. Create a vision board of goals & dreams
  30. Do some stretching
  31. Deep-clean your room
  32. Teach yourself a card trick
  33. Discover new music
  34. Go on a bike ride
  35. Learn several words in a different language (& eventually whole sentences)
  36. (learn to) throw knives

Let me know if you like my ideas or if you have other points to add to my list – I’m curious! cropped-heart1


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