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The Bauty Of Raindrops

I’ve changed a lot in the past few years, although I’ve probably always been one of those people you’d describe “live on the bright side of life”. Nevertheless, I believe we can train ourselves to see the good.
Often it’s the little things that can make us happy and feel calm, if we only learnt to appreciate those.

The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there

(-Robert Pirsig)

Some people could stand across from the most impressive waterfall, feel the sun on their arms and in their hair, while being surrounded by the calm nature only interrupted by the splashing sound of water hitting the rocks – and still, they would find a reason to complain. It might be the person who’s totally in their way of capturing the perfect photo, or wishing the water would only be warmer for them to swim, maybe they regret not bringing their sunglasses and cannot help but thinking about it instead of enjoying the moment. No moment is good enough, always thinking it could be better, more enjoyable if only… No peace of mind.
Some days it’s upsetting me to overhear those sentences from other individuals. Why do they feel the need to complain? Would it not be much easier to pay attention to the beauty of the very moment and be positive instead of getting invested in negative thoughts? Breathe for a moment and try to see what I see.
If you’re bothered by rain, try to hold back the sigh, try not to moan straight away – the reaction we were taught by society. Find the beauty in slowly falling raindrops from the tree’s leaf, listen to the rhythmic sounds created by the weather or give in to the melancholy with some piano tones from a good playlist. Imagine the stunning rainbow that might occur or think of the relieving feeling when entering your warm house. You might not be one to enjoy the very moment of standing in the rain, but without it – you surely would not appreciate the hot tea as much or getting out of the damp clothes, be as thankful for the hot shower later. I think everybody could see beauty in the little everyday life; start learning how to manipulate the moaning voice in the back of our head by encouraging positive thinking.

I believe it doesn’t always matter what we do but how we do it. If you’re always looking for fairy tale perfection you will soon get upset. But if you create perfection yourself by changing perspective, life will get much lighter. You will feel lighter.
Next time you find yourself complaining, try to replace the thought with a more positive idea of the situation. Believe me, it’s there. It only takes time and willingness to see it.


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