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What I’ve Been Up To In 2018 – Mid Term Evaluation!

Time really flies.
It’s June, which means we’re halfway through 2018 (can you believe it???) and a lot has happened! I’d therefore like to use this beautiful time of the year to reflect and evaluate my goals I’ve set for myself. 2018 was meant to be the time I actively focus on my personal development and I think I’m actually doing pretty well!
But first things first, let me explain what I mean when talking about development.

So, I am not talking about a new years resolution here. Personal development is a never ending process to me. In fact, I believe we should all strive to continuous self-development. Setting personal goals in life and also making plus sticking to a plan is my way of trying to be a better version of myself. Sure, I could just wing it,  but in the end, a plan is very clear and “easy” to follow. Creating a written-out plan makes me aware of my priorities and see what I can achieve in which amount of time. Okay, this all may sound like a little bit of a too logical approach of enjoying life but all it really is, is turning the feeling of being overwhelmed into a relieved and excited “Aahhhaa, I can do this!”.
Make sense now?

Right, moving on to more important topics – Me. What have I done and what am I doing then? Here’s what happened in 2018 so far!

Early this year I’ve had this idea to commit to reading at least one book a month. Sometimes I tend to forget how much I enjoy reading when there’s so much else going on; therefore I set up this “plan” to make sure I pick up a new book every month.
I am definitely ahead of schedule at this moment and very excited what I’ve learnt so far. Reading about topics I am interested in and expanding my knowledge makes me so incredibly happy. You won’t usually find Stories or Novels in my book shelf under my bed but Non-fiction about (Positive) Psychology, Buddhism, Minimalism, Self Help (ugh, I hate that term), Health and Fitness or simply must-read classics.

Financial Planning
I have created an excel spread sheet to have all my financial goals calculated and visible. I am also checking if I stick to those financial goals every month and if I don’t – I try to get to the bottom of it and make adjustments if necessary. Having a table with all my finances right in front of me makes saving and keeping on track of everything so much easier! Let’s hope I will meet my financial goals to the end of this year!

As I was paying more attention to my outgoings I noticed my excessive spending on mediocre food at work. Coffee, Breakfast, lunch, coffee, snack… Trying to cut those costs I had to get organised. I was starting to prepare my breakfast, brought my own snacks and lunch every day. By doing that (and still doing it!), I didn’t only save money but also shed a few pounds and my random afternoon heat flushes stopped! Win-Win-Wiiiin! I seem to automatically pay more attention to what I eat and also upped my protein intake and I feel aaa-ma-zinggg. I’ve finally found the diet which makes me feel my very best and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve gotten more serious about practising yoga and integrated a session into my weekly and almost daily routine. When I noticed the positive changes in my mind and body after practising Yoga I made sure to not forget about it. I’ve created my own little sequences and have become a lot calmer (and flexible) since practising so regularly.
For some reason we’re all so aware of what’s good for us but tend to be too lazy or occupied to pursue it. This year I simply realised my wellbeing is in my own hands and got on with it – get active even when I’m not feeling it 100%. Also, thanks to my Yoga practise, I am more aware of my breathing throughout the day which helps me relax and sleep better.

I am working towards the one-arm handstand for a long time now and I am determined to get it this year! My Yoga practise actually upped my handstand-game a lot and I am confident that I am making good progress. My second “Acro” goal is the clean middle split. There’s only a few centimetres left to go and I might even get there within the next few months. Stay tuned – I’m sure I will upload a photo to Instagram very soon!

My fixed term contract was coming to an end on 30th June 2018, therefore I’ve been on a tough job hunt until recently. I had decided to stay in the UK for now since I have built a life here in the past 2 years (wow, time really does fly!). It was a little scary to put myself out there and apply for jobs. I’ve kind of been lucky in the past and just slid into a new job. But this year I’ve had quite a few interviews and prepared for challenging positions. Who would’ve thought – all the reading up, researching and preparing got me a new job and I couldn’t be happier! What goes around comes around, guys! I will start my new job starting July and I am a little bit nervous but also excited! Ready for a  new challenge.

Being Outside
While on a hiking holiday I’ve become aware of the fact that any time spent outside is so precious. We seem to hide in our houses way to much and seem to forget the beauty of nature. I risk sounding like a bit of a freak here but nobody can deny that fresh air is good for us. Going for a walk, reading in the garden or just being outside exploring the park can do wonders for our health. Well, at least for me. Therefore I am consciously aiming to spend a lot of my time outside.

Determined to follow through with my above mentioned goal of spending more time outdoors – I just grabbed my running shoes trainers one day and went for a run instead of going to the gym. Believe it or not – I enjoyed it!
Running is a great addition to my routine and once 10 minutes in, and in the flow, it’s just amazing. It clears my head and being outside, running through a forest or park just makes me happy. Although I know all that, getting up and start running still affords quite a bit willpower. My goal is to schedule a set running session in for every week and make it habit. Whereas I don’t care how far or how fast, I just keep running until I’m done.

And that would be it!
If you’ve been reading this far I am honestly impressed. This post has gotten longer than I initially expected! But to summarise this post for everybody who skipped right to the bottom: I’ve been working towards gaining more knowledge on topics which interest me, improving my Health and Fitness and am about to start a new chapter work-wise!

Do you have any goals you are working towards or is there anything on your mind which you would like to achieve or change within the near future? Let me know! I am always inspired by other peoples visions and plans!




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