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Acro Flow and the fear of being a fraud

Others would've said my music was too loud but I don't believe music can be too loud. I didn't want to hear anything else except for the tones and melody of the song coming through my headphones; didn't want my thoughts to be interrupted by other travellers plucking in the phone or opening a bag of crisps. All… Continue reading Acro Flow and the fear of being a fraud

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36 Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV (Low Cost Or Free)

I love watching a good TV show after a long day to shut off my brain. But I hate myself at times when I actually do that every day. Some people come home and immediately turn on the telly but when I think about it, it's just really bad. We always claim we wouldn't have enough… Continue reading 36 Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV (Low Cost Or Free)


Working out before work?

I'll be honest with you: I am the always ten minutes late and doing nothing but holding my cup of coffee for the first half hour kinda colleague. But I  kept reading all those posts on facebook and articles in fitness magazines how morning workouts significally and toootally improve your life and blah blah. That's why… Continue reading Working out before work?


Hot & Healthy Breakfast Bowl

  I love hot breakfast and the following recipe is not common but one of my favourite breakfast ideas. Hope you like it!   Cut an apple in small pieces and add some frozen raspberrys Put them in the microwave for approx. 3 minutes (depends on the heat) Mix some water/milk with some quark while the fruit heats (do… Continue reading Hot & Healthy Breakfast Bowl